Monday, October 7, 2013

Tippy Top Tour Tracker

The Tippy Top Tour Tracker is up over at trackleaders!  This map will be parked here all summer at the top of the page, so at any moment you may answer the burning question of where in the hell is Krud at now?  Just hold your cursor over the K on the map and drill down.  Most likely parked in front of a Tim Hortons getting donuts!  I have so many points of interest (POI) on this years map you will really need to zoom in to literally see me through the trees!  Now much like a google earth map you may change your base map from the one above to satellite or topo map.  I personally like the satellite version as you can really see where I am located every 20 minutes and the type of terrain I am traveling through.  It will be on all day like last year as well.  I will send out a check in ok message when I am in camp at night, then a custom message when I am moving again in the morning.  These will also post to the FSTPKR facebook page.  That being said I have room for another 30 or so folks on my Spot so if you would like email updates with waypoints sent to you with a hyperlink of my location please message me your email info through the contact me button on the left navigation bar or here.  Also, if you have one of those fancy phones ( you know the kind were you can talk, text, email, surf the innertube and upload photos of what your eating while tweeting...) you can get a free BlueDot app here.  This will allow you to see your buddy Krud pedaling real tiny on your fancy phone.  Pretty exciting, my own Krudtracker app!  Blast off should be this Saturday or Sunday almost exactly one year from when I started the BLC to Bering Sea adventure.

On another note, Tim Hortons came through for Krud!  They have graciously provided me with a pre-loaded Tim Card!  I will be able to try just about every flavor donut they make and I will definitely share my findings here!  Thanks Tim Hortons for being part of the Tippy Top Tour.

As I mentioned in a post prior to this one I am also cataloging road kill and live animals along the route I traverse for Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation.  I did a little more research on it in the last few days and am even more excited to be involved with this kind of work.  I noticed on the map they do have going now that there is a big blank north of our border with Canada and I should be able to provide lots of data for this currently blank spot on the map.  There is only one data point for all of Alaska at this point too.  I think my timing going up is really good as this is when many of the bears will be coming out of their dens.  For example if you check out my Where the Wild Things Are BLC to Bering Sea map and zoom in on the Cassiar Stewart HWY section you will see 25 bears in 5 days (2 grizzly and the rest black bear).  Below I found an informational video that briefly discusses how many animals use one over pass in Banff National Park.  My route goes right by this overpass on my return leg.  The thing that never occurred to me is that if an animal is hit by a car it doesn't get a chance to pass on its genes.  So you end up with gene pools with more inbreeding than if animals are able to cross into each others territories and possibly breed.

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  1. Up to the tippy top you go! Stay rad and hydrated, but stop for a pee pee spot, before the tippy top!