Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Long distance hiking/ ultra running/ fastpacking clinic PART 2

Trans Zion Traverse

Indulgence: 1000 Miles Under the Colorado Sky

Patagonia Fore Runner

My personal favorite racing shoe the New Balance MT100.

Vibram Five Fingers.

Fastpacking first reference here.

Fastest Known Time.

How do you establish a speed record?  Read this first.  You may also read up on the distinctions between supported, self supported and unsupported at the same link.

You can get to some of my gear lists here.

My AZT record (which still is unbroken) starts here.  That night when I almost had to bag the record attempt is here.  I also through together a video of the attempt which may be viewed here.

That first pack I show that is a 5 oz. pack was made by Mountain Laurel Designs, but isn't in production anymore.  Here is a link to info on the spinnaker cloth.  The second pack was also made by MLD, but is also no longer in production.  It was 9oz, not 9lbs.  Also, here is a link to Ray Jardines Backpack Kit.  Here is a link to the MLD Prophet Pack.  My big winter pack is also a MLD Ark.  Here is a link to the Osprey Talon Series.

Western Mountaineering makes the only sleeping bags I will ever carry, enough said.  Here is a link to the Highlite bag (16 oz), which I have slept comfortably well below its rating.  I have always liked this clip on how Western Mountaineering manufactures their bags and processes their own down.  8 years going strong on the MLD Superlight Bivy?  Better get yourself one here.

YEEEHAW! Time for another Never Came Back Raffle! Same deal as last time, but this prize package is going to one winner this time. Here are images of the prizes and all items are brand spanking new!  Just scroll below the images here and get entered.  Also, just wanted everyone to know that I am not collecting personal data like emails etc.  I will contact you by email to claim your prize, but I won't nor am I using your emails.  So I don't want that to turn anyone off.  Also, this time you don't need to do the Twitter deal if you don't want to or don't have an account.  If you do though you may get two more bonus entries (follow on twitter and tweet the raffle).  However, you do have to be a fan on facebook of the FSTPKR page.  I couldn't change it to Never Came Back so stuck with the FSTPKR deal there.  It also comes up under athlete as I can't change that either.  In addition to liking the FSTPKR facebook page you need to leave a comment below on this blog post.  Please no advertisements ( my spam blocker deal will decline it anyway) and it would be cool if the comment was related to this blog post.  You may enter through the give away tab on my facebook page, or below on this post.  Also, it is only available to folks here in the US of A.  I can't afford to be paying international shipping rates, duties or taxes.  Thanks for understanding.  Get yourself entered no later than 4/30 too!  Oh yeah, and why the give aways/ raffle?  I would like to try to get as many folks on board via the blog, you tube, twitter, instagram and facebook so I may share my upcoming 1.5 year adventure I am mapping out currently.  You can get to any of the above feeds via the sidebar here on the blog.  It isn't for advertising purposes or personal gain.  I just would like to share my adventures with like minded folks in real time.  So hopefully you like the social media platforms I am using and stick around for the ride kicking off this summer!

win one of these size medium in a royal blue (logo is on the back)

and get yourself one of these in purple

round it out with this water bottle in black with some feminine design minus caribiner

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  1. This is so great! Nice prize package!!! I always love reading about your adventures.

  2. Awesome giveaway. Thanks for the tweet!

  3. I love Patagonia! Thanks for the raffle. I really like that you state which products you prefere, such as you said which sleeping bag you prefer!

  4. This would be wonderful for my son who loves to hike the surrounding Tucson mountains with his dad.

  5. This is durable clothing and a good brand
    joe gersch

  6. I love Gaiam bottles :) the best...

  7. Thanks for the give-a-way! Super Generous. I love that T-Shirt.

  8. Love that water bottle. Would be perfect for taking on hikes!

  9. I am not much of a runner but i do love to bike and hike .

  10. another great vid! i love all the innovations in the lightweight/minimal shoe market, even if i can't seem to find a pair that works for me. i'd really like to find something with very little midsole for the winter months because i've learned that EVA freezes solid and gets mighty uncomfortable after awhile.

    neat fact about VFFs: Ruby Muir from NZ won the 2013 Tarawera 100K in a pair. Later that year came in 3rd at Speedgoat 50k. To date, she's the only person i know of who can run FAST in a pair on the ultra scene.

  11. Thanks for checking out the video Kevin. That is crazy about Ruby Muir! Good on her. I will have the next/ final video up shortly and another contest. I hope you got your Velocity P/O by now!